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Christmas Recap!

28th December 2015
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Hi there, I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the holidays whether it was with your loved ones, alone or at work! I still can’t believe that it’s over already. The weather is too warm and I miss the cold winters we used to have. All in all it didn’t feel like Christmas to me this year, however I enjoyed spending time with my family nevertheless. Aside from that I managed to find nice presents for everyone in time this year which makes me incredibly proud considering I tend to procrastinate lots (this blog post, hint hint).

Christmas decoration Saarbrücken alleyA while ago my mother complained that we don’t have many pictures at home and I realised that all our pictures are at least eight years old. Fortunately I own a canon selphy picture printer and was able to print pictures at home which means that I only needed picture frames. Easier said than done! They were either too fussy or plain and it took me two days browsing through countless shops to find good-looking frames that weren’t too expensive.
As soon as I got them I treated myself to some hot chocolate from Starbucks and bought a few small items to decorate my Happy Planner which I’ll have to show you soon.
Except for small shopping trips I didn’t do much last week. I spent most of my time with my parents in our living room, watched a few movies, used our last pumpkins for dinner and reorganised my wardrobe. Before the year ends I definitely want to weed out the clothes I own but haven’t worn for years to make room for new things and have more storage space for all my seasonal decoration. While downloading the latest patch for AC: Syndicate I noticed that my PS4s’ harddrive is full of game footage and decided to upload parts of it to my Youtube Channel. It’s only FFXIV raid content for now. However I want to record the Jack the Ripper DLC as soon as I have a new headset.
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Let’s talk about actual Christmas celebrations now though!
Christmas in Germany is a bit different from other countries. For us the main celebration happens on the 24th! When I was younger my grandma and I lit candles during Christmas Mass in the morning while my parents decorated our tree and placed the presents under it. Afterwards I wasn’t allowed to enter the room until a bell rang in the afternoon which signalled that the Christkind arrived and delivered the presents. I had to recite a poem, sing or play something on the flute before I was allowed to open them and I’m still not sure why my family wanted to endure that horrible experience every year.
As I got older and realised that the Christkind and Santa Claus don’t exist my family stopped celebrating this way and nowadays my mother and I prepare dinner during the day and have the rest of our family over for dinner. The traditional Christmas dinner is potato salad and bockwurst though raclette (similar to cheese fondue) is also popular, followed by all types of roasts.

Lindt chocolate collection
Christmas presents <3

Chocolate Fudge Brownie CakeMy family doesn’t have a traditional dish for Christmas Eve.
We used to have rabbit roast for a few years, switched to turkey and now switch between pumpkin soup and pasta bake with various salads. On Christmas Day we visit my grandma and all we do is eat all day. Starting with lunch which includes chicken soup, potatoes, roulades (hungarian beef roulade filled with pickles, onions and bacon) followed by cake and potato salad with bockwurst (obviously) and meatballs.
Boxing Day doesn’t involve any shopping in Germany and all shops are closed since it’s still considered as a bank holiday. We always visit my other grandma and go to different restaurants to make it more comfortable for all of us and spare us the house chores it would involve to make extra homemade Christmas meals! This year we spent half the day at a Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant which also offers a Mongolian barbecue.
How are you celebrating Christmas? Did you have a great time this year? Do you have some kind of special family tradition? I’m curious to find out how everyone’s celebrating so please let me know!

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