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11th December 2015

Last Friday I decided that it was time to go shopping to get a few essentials I was missing for my flat. When I visited my parents last month I checked the local store in Düsseldorf and found so many things I wanted to buy but sadly didn’t have enough money with me back then. Fortunately, my ticket allows me to travel all the way to Saarbrücken by train which means I was able to spend a nice and relaxing day there.

My plan was to

  • get all the things I couldn’t buy last time from Primark
  • take advantage of the special rewards programme by Starbucks
  • check out the cleansers from Lush because their moisturiser worked like a dream for me

My first stop was Primark to avoid stress later in the day. If you’ve ever been to Primark you’ll know that their stores are always crowded and it gets really hectic in there. So the most important thing to do is get there as early as possible. I mainly wanted to get new socks, a big fluffy blanket, a pillow and new coat hangers (which I forgot to add in the picture, sorry!) but miraculously ended up with more than I planned on buying.

Primark has these cute animal print socks that I adore. Last time I Primark Haul candles socks fairy lights decorationwent shopping there I got cute owl socks to try one pair before buying more. They’re a one size fits all and I never trust that promise. For these it’s true though and I had to get the rest of them as well. Guess I don’t need any new socks for a while  (:
In addition, I got a few items to decorate my flat. My favourites are the fairy lights and the small mirror plate which gives you a self-assurance boost whenever you’re looking at it. Their candles and room scents are another of my go-to purchases. Especially the Pineapple & Ginger scent is amazing.

Primark Haul bagsI’ve never taken a look at the makeup section of Primark before but recently I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook by friends who recommended some of the products. So I thought I might have a look and get a few essentials I still needed for my beauty product collection. Beauty blenders are still a mystery to me but I’ve seen quite a few videos talking about the flawless application that’s possible with it. Others are saying that they don’t work at all. Of course, this means I wanted to check for myself if they work or not but spending 20$ on a product just to test it was a bit too much for me. For now, I’m trying a cheaper version from Primark to test if I even use it enough or if I’ll continue using brushes. To clean said brushes I bought a cleanser because I’m really bad at cleaning them regularly and hope to change this bad habit. The last item in my bag was a shower puff. I love to use them because they’re amazing to avoid the overuse of shower gel. It gets all frothy and nice which helps me relax in the morning.

Primark Haul blanket bedding

What else did I get up to in Saarbrücken? I took advantage of the Starbucks Rewards offer. Sometimes they give out bonus stars towards your account if you collect a certain amount of stars. I was still missing another star to get seven for free. Sadly Starbucks doesn’t stock raspberry syrup anymore. No more raspberry hot chocolate for me x(  If you ever decide to make hot chocolate and have raspberry syrup at home be sure to try that combination. It’s heaven! I might be biassed though because if I could I’d add raspberries to everything.

After my visit to Starbucks, I went to the local Lush store to check out their cleansers. A while ago I stopped using birth control as I noticed it ruined my hormones and caused a lot of damage to my body and mood. One of the downsides are the spots that started appearing on my skin. Paired with my rosacea and face picking the outcome isn’t that pretty. I noticed that I can reduce these problems with the moisturiser skindrink by Lush. After my first success with them, I thought I could get their cleansers a go as well and I have to say that the employees at this store are amazing. I talked to one of them for 15 minutes and got a good summary of all their products and which ones might work best for me. Before buying anything I took home two samples of their cleansers Dark Angels and Angels on Bare Skin. Both are amazing but I’ll tell you all details about my Lush adventures another day.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your go-to purchases from Primark and/ or Lush? Do you have any favourites? If you’ve got any questions or want a review of the things I bought let me know in the comments.


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