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9th December 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog in 2015!

To be honest with you I don’t know what happened to this blog. Back in 2012 I started writing under the name little red riding hood but soon noticed that I couldn’t identify enough with the title. Unfortunately I  couldn’t think of something else that’d fit better. My layout was boring and overall I wasn’t happy with the design or content. In addition I moved to a different city to attend university. My life quickly became hectic and stressful because settling in always takes time for me. In order to speed up the process I stopped my daily internet shenanigans, including my blog and most other social media platforms…. but I’m officially back and active again! Looking back at my old posts makes me cringe but I also realise that nothing can improve without trying.

I’ve been musing about a new and fitting name for a few weeks and finally decided to go with  moveyourheart. It’s the end of the quote you don’t have to dance but move your heart  which is an alias I’ve been using for years already. I have no idea why it didn’t click earlier but I’m happy that I found a name I can relate to.

A few weeks ago I bought a Happy Planner and started decorating it to collect memories and mementos in one place. I want to use this blog to share my weekly planner decorations with you, tell you about my gaming and travel adventures and let you know whenever I find something interesting that I think is worth sharing!

My old blog posts were written in German but I want to share my life with all my friends and a lot of you don’t understand German which means that most of my content (or most likely all of it) will be in English. Please bear with me for now while I’m still getting used to blogging in a different language (:

In the future you’ll find posts about gaming, scrapbooking, beauty products, travelling and food on this blog. If that’s what you’re into  be sure to check back soon for more information!  :3



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Queen of Hearts & Princess of QA. Also a variety streamer on Twitch! I love exploring the world, finding new things to do and try new food places. My favourite part is sharing these experiences with the world ♡

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