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[Monthly Challenge] Glee Holiday Spectacular!

15th December 2015
Glee Holiday Spectacular Santana Artie Christmas Glee Forever Banner
Hello, people of the Internet!
A few hours ago a new Monthly Challenge was released for the Glee mobile game called Glee Forever!. During the challenge you have to collect bonus tokens while playing non-event songs. With these bonus event tokens you’ll be able to play the Challenge song. This month’s challenge song is called Santa Claus is coming to Town and its song types are cool, crazy and classic. If you collect enough event points you can get a special SR Mrs. Claus Santana and R Artie and even collect all their stage-ups!

Here are some tips that will help you get all the cards:
Glee Holiday Spectacular Christmas Glee Forever Event Overview


  • Make sure you have over 50 Facebook friends who are active and send you tickets. If you don’t have enough friends who play GleeForever! you can check out this group: Gleeks Forever
  • Saving tickets before the event starts will give you a massive boost in the beginning. Sometimes you can save up to 100 tickets from your friends (depends when you send/ collect them the days before)
  • Collect over 90,000 event points to get the third SR. For the last one you’ll have to be in the top 1000
  • Find an expert song you can easily get one star for and if possible get the other two stars as well. Even if you only get one star it’s worth it as it gives you 100 event points compared to 58 event points on hard for three stars
  • Keep an eye on your experience bar. Don’t waste tickets by not paying attention and leveling up while your tickets are completely full
  • Level up the cards you get in the event. They’ll have the attributes needed for the song and increase your points
  • Try to set an alarm every 3.45 hours to use your tickets efficently for all eleven days of the event
  • Save your event tickets and don’t spend them immediately. I prefer to spend most of them closer to the end because it gives me an overview how good others are doing and make them feel safe while I push them off the leaderboard  0=)
Glee Holiday Spectacular Christmas Glee Forever ArtieGlee Holiday Spectacular Santana Christmas Glee Forever 
“The New Directioners are recruited to produce and star in a local TV channel’s Christmas special. As director, Artie’s artistic vision gets in the way of the true message of the season — but everyone’s heartfelt performances inspire them to show their Christmas spirit by helping out at a local homeless shelter.”


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