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27th January 2016
London, Big Ben
Hello, Cupcakes! Initially, I planned another blog post but I’m really excited about my plans for the upcoming months and I really want to share my excitement with all of you! This week has been all about planning my upcoming trips and accomplishing what I’ve been looking forward to do for a while. During the last three years, I’ve not been on holidays and recently I felt stuck in this place and like I really need a change of scenery. Cue this week and I’ve finally booked my next vacation!!!! It’s more of a meet up with my favourite people in the world in a country I feel more at home in than in my own. If you’ve paid attention to the pictures you might’ve been able to guess already that my destination will be…



I’ll be spending about two weeks of March in LONDON!!!! …but what other things do I have planned?? The last time I’ve seen my best friend was in 2012 when I celebrated my 22nd Birthday in London and got my first tattoo in Nottingham. We’ve been in contact ever since and talk 24/7 but it’s not the same as seeing someone in person and I’m really looking forward to spend some time with him. We’ll be attending a sharkie meet up on the first weekend and I hope to see some other sharkies I’ve met in 2012 again. Sharkie is the name given to fans of the brand Black Milk by its designer jL after an incident in which they had to close their shop because they were overloaded with orders and had to catch up first. The whole fandom is one of the loveliest and most body positive community I’ve seen in my life.

Sharks (sharkies, skarklets, sharkettes) – a predatory creature that feeds upon nylon and lycra. Usually female, they tend to feed in packs and attack with very little provocation. The name ‘sharks’ originates from the first story that was put on the website when I decided to take it offline because we were so overloaded with orders. The story was about me feeling like I have been repeatedly savaged by a pack of sharks (while wearing a Lady Gaga style meat dress. It was a little weird).


2016 might be the first time that I’m celebrating St Patrick’s Day! It’s not usually celebrated in Germany but over the last years, some people started jumping on the bandwagon. Nevertheless, I’ve never been to any of the smaller parades or pub crawls but this year I’ll be in the UK while the parade takes place. My best friend and I will definitely be checking out the festival at Trafalgar Square before he has to catch his train home. Other than meeting loads of amazing people I don’t have any specific plans yet but there are a few exhibitions I’d like to visit e.g. the Crime Museum Uncovered, the CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation at Leicester Square Theatre and the Alice in Wonderland exhibition. If I have enough time and money I might also enjoy another round of Wicked  ❤

Is one of your favourite activities or places in London missing? Do you have any insider tips that I have to do/ see/ visit? Please let me know in the comments as I’m always excited to check out new things and places! 🙂  Signature



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London, UK

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