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9th January 2016
Its Christmas Deer
Hello, cupcakes! Sorry for being quiet recently, but Christmas holidays are over and I’m back in my own flat. The stairwell in this house is pretty old and dusty, so there’s always loads of dust everywhere and being away for roughly two weeks always results in chaos in my flat. Therefore, I spent half of my week cleaning my flat, organising everything I brought back from my parents and doing laundry. As a result, I’ve got a sparkling flat and a nicely organised bathroom with lots of new additions. If you follow me on Instagram you might’ve already seen pictures of my Lush haul, but I still wanted to write a blog post about my newfound love for this brand.

Lush, Snow Fairy, Eau Roma Water, toner, 9 to 5, cleanser, Bûche de Noel, Reindeer Rock, soap, body scrub, tonerOn boxing day, I tried to put in an order on the UK website as I didn’t know if there’ll be a sale in Germany. Unfortunately, their store crashed and they ended up implementing an online queue to be able to browse their store which meant no goodies for me. Ultimately this incident saved me the money for international shipping because a day later I found out that Lush also has a sale over here.


So on Monday after Christmas, I got up early and ran to the closest store to get the items I wanted. Luckily I managed to score a few items that already were on my wish list in addition to some other gems I found while browsing the Lush store in Düsseldorf. A 500 ml bottle of Snow Fairy, the Eau Roma Water toner, the 9 to 5 cleanser, a block of Reindeer Rock soap and a pot of the Bûche de Noël face and body scrub made it into my basket first. The cleansers and toner have become a constant in my daily nocturnal skin care routine. Most important to me was the Snow Fairy shower gel. It was the only thing I grabbed immediately without thinking about it. In case you’re like me and love everything sweet, pink and glittery this shower gel is perfect for you. Snow Fairy smells like clouds of cotton candy and heaven and I’m still sad Lush didn’t sell the corresponding perfume overseas. Even with 50% off the shower gel is still expensive though. I don’t use it every day but it’s my special treat to cheer me up on long and stressful days or when I managed to finish something I’m proud of.
Lush, Bûche de Noel, peeling, body scrubLush, Reindeer Rock, Soap
The Reindeer Rock soap was a complete surprise for me but it’s quickly become my favourite! The smell is unique with a berry fragrance and immediately drew me in. Apparently the Comforter shower gel has a similar scent but I haven’t had the opportunity to find out yet. While browsing the store I stumbled upon something that I didn’t know existed – lip peelings. Mint Julips is a fresh minty smelling peeling for the lips! The shop assistants encouraged me to try using one before applying lipstick. Especially matte lipstick is known to dry out lips and they tend to look cracked after a while. With the help of a peeling, this will be prevented and your lips won’t dry out. Unfortunately, the new matte lipstick I ordered from Kiko hasn’t arrived yet but once it arrives I’ll let you know whether it works or not!

Lush Mint JulipsThe last items in my haul include various bath bombs and a reindeer! Usually, I don’t buy them because I don’t have a bathtub but everyone’s been raving about them and I thought I should give them a try while visiting my parents who have one.

Lush, It's Christmas Deer, tin box, Karma Kream, Beautiful, Snowcake, Magic of Christmas, Golden Wonder

After Christmas, many of my friends posted about the It’s Christmas Deer tin box which has the cutest packaging I’ve seen in a long time. Cute things are my kryptonite and I was hoping I’d still get one of them in the sale. Its contents are the Magic of Christmas bubble bar, Karma Kream lotion, the Beautiful shower gel and the two bath bombs Golden Wonder and Snowcake. I’m not the biggest fan of these items and, therefore, wouldn’t pay the full price for them but the sale and cute packaging won me over. The bubble bath smells amazingly like cinnamon and orange, which is the perfect essence of Christmas fragrances for me. Other than that the smell of the items seems to have blended together and created one heavy scent. I don’t particularly dislike it but my parents seem to hate it and it’s definitely not for everybody. As soon as I’ve tried all of them I’ll give you an update on my opinion.

Last but not least I got four individual bath bombs. They are called Father Christmas, Luxury Lush Pud, 5 Gold Rings and Candy Mountain (from left to right). All of them are incredibly glittery and their scent is a combination of vanilla and candy. So far I’ve only tried Luxury Lush Pud and I was more than happy and impressed by it. All in all, I’m chuffed with my haul and use most items, if possible, daily but more about this in my Lush haul review! 🙂Signature

Lush, Father Christmas, Luxury Lush Pud, 5 Gold Rings, Candy Mountain




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