[FFXIV] Valentine’s Day Event 2016

2nd February 2016

Hello Cupcake, are you a gamer and celebrating Valentine’s Day? If you’re into MMORPG’s and like the idea of celebrating love I might have the perfect option for you! Starting today there’ll be a new in-game event implemented into Final Fantasy XIV for two weeks. If you’ve read my New Year’s post you’ll have seen my Final Fantasy related highlights of 2015 and know how much I love the game itself and the community surrounding it. These little seasonal events are a great way to find out more about the lore Square Enix created for its franchise and acquire some special outfits that are only available during the event.

FFXIV Valentione's Event map

Source: Square Enix


Sadly there won’t be a full body outfit this year but instead, it’ll be possible to obtain a headpiece with a small heart ornament at the side, cute heart-shaped earrings and various Valentine’s Day themed furniture for your housing area. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the headgear. Generally speaking, I don’t like white or the shape of the hat and it wouldn’t suit any of my current outfits but I can imagine that there are some great combinations for it in case you like these type of hats. The earrings have a completely different problem, though. I love all the available earrings but they are too small and it’s almost impossible to see the small details on them unless you know what they’re supposed to be. For example, I once won a pair of bird-shaped earrings but almost everyone has trouble identifying what they’re supposed to be. The items I anticipate the most are the new housing additions, especially  the bed. Their whole design, from the colour scheme to the incredible details like the wings and crown, is amazing and I’m definitely buying a few of each item.

FFXIV Valentione's Event Items

Source: Square Enix

More Content?

All in all, it looks like an enjoyable seasonal event Square Enix created for us. The story sounds promising and it seems to be a continuation of last year’s event. What do you think of it so far? Do you like these type of events or do you prefer the normal content updates? If yes, you’ll be in for a treat! On the 23rd of February Patch 3.2 will be released which will include various updates and the continuation of the main storyline. In case you’re curious about the game now and would like to give it a try you can check out their free trial. If you have any questions or would like to know more about certain aspects of the game feel free to let me know in the comments ❤


FFXIV Sidequest IconLisette de Valentione has once again ventured forth from Ishgard, this time with a band of fortune-tellers who will divine the romantic potential of Eorzea’s sweethearts. Adventurers curious to know what the future holds are encouraged to seek her out!


The pictures in this post all belong to Square Enix (check their FFXIV Valentine’s Day event page for more information)

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    5th February 2016

    I actually kinda like the hat, not sure I can make it work with my current glamour tho

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      Mindy McCready

      6th February 2016

      Ahh keep me updated if you do decide to use it as a glamour! So far I haven’t seen anybody using it. I’ll have to wait until Thursday to do the event quests though. Until my exams are done I’m only online for raids 🙁


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