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[Review] Samsung Gear Fit

15th February 2016

Hello, cupcakes! Today’s post will be the first related to my health and fitness journey. A while ago I bought myself the Samsung Gear Fit because some of the goals that I want to achieve in 2016 are to eat more veggies, decrease my sugar intake and get enough exercise. To motivate myself I decided to buy a fitness tracker. The Samsung Gear Fit was my first choice because I adore the design and it seemed like a good hybrid between a smartwatch and fitness wristband. First of all, I did not keep it and returned it after three days because it was not working as advertised. Even though I’ve only had it for a few days I want to summarise a few advantages and disadvantages of this gadget to keep others from making the same misinformed decision I first made and avoid disappointment. Let’s talk about what comes inside the box first!Samsung_Gear Fit_Packaging


 Items delivered:

  • Samsung Gear Fit
  • Charger
  • Charger add-on clip
  • User manual

The packaging looks similar to the one for Samsung Galaxy smartphones – simple, clean and solid! You can find a list of the full specifications and compatible devices on the official Samsung Website.


  • Stylish design
  • Display design is customizable
  • Extra bracelets are available in various colours


  • Requires more than one app to work properly
  • Fitness, sleeping and step tracking mode need to be turned on/ off manually
  • Quick abrasion – the silver border flakes off easily

Samsung_Gear Fit


Why did I return the Samsung Gear Fit?

Overall the Gear Fit is a nice gadget and I’m sure those of you who are looking for a hybrid between a smartwatch and a health tracker would enjoy it. I love the fancy display and the whole look and feel but it didn’t meet my expectations in the fitness department and the massive amount of apps needed to make it work wasted too much space on my Samsung Galaxy S6 and cluttered my menu. In addition, the usability suffers immensely because the Gear Fit can’t detect exercise or workouts by itself and the Heart Rate Monitor function isn’t very precise either. Also, I found out that the silver borders flake off easily and therefore, the fancy design will look unappealing after a few weeks. Another minus for me is the short battery life and weird charger add-on that’s needed. Considering the high display vibrancy and its position monitor function which lights up the display if you’re raising your arm, three days might be a reasonable timeframe though. This function can either be turned on or off though according to your preferences.

Samsung_Gear Fit_Outside

The plus points of the Gear Fit are definitely the customization options. There are already a few nice and vibrant background templates integrated but you can set your own pictures as the background. Compared to any other fitness band available this one is by far the most fashionable and you could match its background colour scheme to your outfit – the possibilities are endless. Other bracelet colours seem to be available for purchase but I couldn’t find them anywhere and don’t know how much they are or if they are worth it. As some bracelets by other companies seem to break easily this might be a good option to increase its longevity but the silver part can’t be exchanged and as a result, at some point, you’ll notice that it’s been worn a lot. Another plus for the Gear Fit is the motivational coach that’s included. If your device is compatible it measures your heart rate and can advise you to increase the training intensity. As I’ve not used this function myself I can’t say how good it works though.

The Samsung Gear Fit can show all kinds of notifications on its screen – even phone calls! I had mine set to vibrate whenever I got a new Whatsapp or Facebook message but you choose which updates you want to see. You can also compose quick replies and send them off while working out to let your friends or family know that you’re not available at the moment but will get in touch once you’re done with your workout. In case, you’re like me and have trouble locating your mobile phone the find my phone option can help you find it quickly and for all the music addicts out there it’s possible to use the wristband as a remote control if you’re listening to music on your mobile phone.

Samsung_Gear Fit_dimmed

To sum it up I’d say the Samsung Gear Fit is perfect for those of you who want a mix between a smartwatch and fitness tracker but it’s important to keep in mind that you will be disappointed if you are expecting a simple and clean overview of your fitness level and overall lifestyle. I’ve only used it for four days but it was definitely not what I expected after reading various reviews online and what it was advertised for on Samsungs website. If you’re looking for a ‘cheaper’ alternative to a smartwatch this might be the perfect fit for you though!

Tell me about your experiences!

Are you using a fitness tracker? If yes, which one is your favourite and why? After returning the Gear Fit, I bought the Fitbit Charge HR and I’m really happy with it so far. At some point during my upcoming new blog series I’m going to write a review on the Fitbit Charge HR as well but for now, I have to say goodbye and I hope I’ll see you again next time! Signature



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