50 Things to do in London

27th March 2016

Aloha Cupcakes! If you’ve read my travel update post you’ll know that I’m back in London for a while! I’m incredibly excited to see all the beautiful faces of my friends again after such a long time without spending time with them face to face. This time, I’ll start my journey with a nearly 12-hour long bus journey. Even though I usually suffer from travel sickness on buses I couldn’t pass the opportunity for a 50€ return ticket to London. Even though I’ve been to London a couple of times already there are still some things I want to do and that’s why I decided to write down 50 things to do in London which are on my bucket list and share it with you! In case you’re planning to go to London and stumbled upon this post you should check out these awesome experiences:

View across the Thames showing the London Eye and Big Ben in London

My London Bucket List or: 50 Things to do in London

      1. Kiss at the top of the London Eye
      2. Climb The Elizabeth Tower and see the Big Ben up close (only for UK residents)
      3. Get help solving a crime by Evans & Peel
      4. Attend a beauty or fashion event
      5. Try food from Borough Market
      6. Take a picture outside of Buckingham Palace
      7. Cook Cocktails Breaking Bad style at ABQ
      8. Snuggle up while watching a movie at Electric Cinema
      9. Wander around Camden Market
      10. Find all seven noses and ears hidden in London
      11. See all of London’s famous musicals
      12. Meet a celebrity
      13. Visit the Harry Potter Studios once during summer and winter
      14. Attend a workshop at YouTube Space London 
      15. Go to a concert
      16. Follow the Doctor on his adventures through time and space in his Tardis 
      17. Climb the O2
      18. Have a Spa Treatment at Lush
      19. Pop into Fruit Towers for some Smoothies
      20. Cosplay at MCM London
      21. Purchase something from Harrods
      22. Try a monster shake from Mollybakes
      23. Drink mulled wine at Winter Wonderland
      24. Ride the tube (and count every single ‘mind the gap’)
      25. Attend a movie premiere
      26. Take Pictures at Leadenhall Market and Platform 9 3/4
      27. Go shopping on Oxford Street
      28. See a Shakespeare play at The Globe
      29. Get lost in the Chislehurst caves
      30. Enjoy the skyline from a vantage point like Sky Garden
      31. Dance the night away – Silent Disco at The View from The Shard
      32. Explore Strand Station
      33. See the Crown Jewels and pretend to be Moriarty
      34. Visit the Tower of London
      35. Take part in the Notting Hill Carnival festivities and dance all day
      36.  Follow Sherlock Holmes around London
      37. Hug BB-8 and kiss Harry Styles at Madame Tussauds
      38. Spend a night at the Natural History Museum
      39. Get lost in space at the Science Museum
      40. Get surprised by the Secret Cinema experience
      41. Whisper cheesy things to someone at the Whispering Gallery (St. Paul’s Cathedral)
      42. Drink cocktails at Ice Bar London
      43. ‘Climb’ King Henry’s Mound located in Pembroke Lodge Gardens
      44. Taste the Rainbow with Rinkoffs Rainbow Bagels
      45. Try one of the delicious looking bubble waffles from Nosteagia. Preferably the King Chocolate one ❤
      46. Channel my inner child at Once Upon A WigWam
      47. Forget everything while reading a book in one of London’s library bars
      48. Spend Christmas or New Year’s Eve in London
      49. Get a Tattoo in London
      50. Move to London

I know there are plenty of more amazing things to see but these are the 50 things I definitely want to do in my life. Have you ever been to London or want to go? If yes, what are some of your favourite things to do? Did you maybe already do some of the things on my bucket list? Please share your experiences with me in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!  ❤Signature

Dinosaur skeleton at the Natural History Museum



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