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Exciting & awesome events in April – a sneak peek

11th April 2016

Good things are happening in April! Actually, I was planning to publish a different blog post first but I’ve been so busy and planned so many events last week that I thought I should share what’s happening in my life this month. Summer semester started last week and I had my first day of class on Monday. During lunch break, I had enough time to come up with a name for this kind of post. From now on I’ll be posting about my personal updates, including events I’m planning to attend, in the [Hello Life] category.

This semester my classes are mainly in the morning which means I’ll have to adjust my sleeping pattern to fit the change in my routine. To treat and motivate myself during the first week I indulged myself and bought donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts because they announced two new flavours containing Nutella – and who doesn’t love Nutella?! The Nutella Donuts were nice but to be completely honest I’ll stick with my usual choice in the future. I prefer the ones filled with raspberry or the cream ones that aren’t as dry as the Nutella ones.

Dunkin' Donuts


Fiverr in German?!

Earlier this week I was notified via email that I’ve been chosen to be a part of the Fiverr translation team. Last November I started my Fiverr journey because being a student makes it difficult to find a job in my area – it’s not impossible but flexible ones are usually taken. One thing I really enjoy is languages and helping Fiverr translationothers translate their  texts or videos. As a result, I decided to offer my abilities on Fiverr to make a bit of money to pay for my blog and domain. When they announced the release of a German version and the need for native speakers, I immediately jumped on board and offered my help. Ever since being notified that I’m a part of the team I struggled to stop translating because it’s so much fun. Over the last few days, about 20% of the Fiverr website has been translated already! I’m very excited to see what else needs to be done and see the project come to life with the community’s help.


Planned Events in April

So, what’s happening in April? It feels like there’s a different event every week! The first event this week will be FashionYard. It’s taking place on the 16th & 17th from 12 – 6pm at Boui Boui Bilk in Düsseldorf. Since my grandma’s birthday is on the 17th, I thought it would be a nice idea to visit her and also check out the event. If Düsseldorf is too far away for you, the event’s also taking place in various other cities across Germany, like for example Cologne or Munich. You can find a list of all the dates and locations on their website and I’ll make sure to write a summary of the event for you.

The other events I’ll attend take place on the last weekend of April. All  three of them on the same weekend! It’s going to be a busy two days for sure. It’s starting with a Düsseldorf Altstadt Streetartconcert on Sunday and ends with a community gathering on Saturday but let me tell you some more details. On Friday, Daedalic, one of my favourite game developers is hosting a concert starring Poki & band. If you’ve played any of their games, you’ll know that most of their games contain amazing songs but for the concert, they announced a few yet unknown surprise songs. On Saturday, my friends and I will be going to an Anime and Cosplay Convention called Dokomi. They are famous for their maid and host café and the huge variety of cosplays and Japanese culture related exhibition space. I’ve never been there before but because I’m already in Düsseldorf for the concert I thought it would be a fun way to spend the weekend with friends. Afterwards in the evening, Square Enix is hosting a Final Fantasy XIV Fan Gathering in the city. If you’re in the area and a fan of the franchise I strongly advise you to drop them an email and join us for the evening. So far I’ve been to four gatherings and the people I’ve met were very lovely and welcoming and every time I went I had a great evening. You don’t need a Dokomi ticket for the gathering but you have to drop them an email with your name to be notified about the venue and get your name on the guest list!

Do you have any special plans for April? What do you think of the things I’ve planned so far? Are they right up your alley or not at all? Signature



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