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Deponia Doomsday Tour

8th May 2016

When Daedalic Entertainment announced their Deponia Doomsday Tour in March it was a nice and welcome surprise for me. The tour had four stops and luckily my home city was one of them. It started in Hamburg where Daedalic has its headquarters, continued through Berlin and Cologne and had its final stop in Düsseldorf on the 29th of April. If you’ve played any of their more popular games you’ll know Poki and the importance of their songs for franchises like Deponia and Edna & Harvey. Daedalic is one of my favourite gaming companies and the only studio on that list which is based in Germany. I love their humour, their stories and art style. Plus, the songs throughout their games are just that extra bit which makes them special and unique. Enough about Daedalic in general though and more about the recent concert in Düsseldorf.

Deponia Doomsday Tour

Deponia Doomsday Tour Poki Anne Gunnar

At first, I wasn’t sure if I should go to the concert because none of my friends in Düsseldorf wanted to go but I took my own advice to heart of ‘stepping out of my comfort zone’ and bought a ticket. On the day of the concert I got some bad news which left me shaken and I wasn’t sure anymore if I should still go or if I should miss out. In the end, I decided to go, if only to take my mind off everything and try to have a good time. I don’t regret my decision one bit. Going places by myself with my anxiety is always difficult but waiting outside of the venue I didn’t feel too out of place.

As the location Daedalic chose the Route 66 which is a small bar located in Flingern (an area of Düsseldorf). First of all, I have to say that I don’t think the size or architecture of the location were fitting for a concert that size. The Route 66 is divided into two rooms and everyone behind me couldn’t even see the stage because of that division. I was lucky to not be some of the last ones to arrive but I would’ve been sad if I had to watch others bob their head the whole concert and not have the ability to see anything except for a wall in front of me (see pictures below for reference). The sound was okay even though there were a few technical problems according to Poki but I don’t think anybody would’ve noticed anything except for during one song where they had back coupling. Due to these technical issues we had to wait outside for about two hours – I was lucky to find a sheltered spot! Overall, this is nothing I’d blame on Daedalic but more on the surrounding circumstances and the restrictions of the venue.

Deponia Doomsday Tour Route 66 concert

The atmosphere and audience were amazing. Everyone around me enjoyed themselves and most people knew the lyrics by heart. Seeing Poki, Anne and Gunnar interact with each other and the audience was something else. They are very open, nice and welcoming and it also shows while they’re on stage. Poki told us various funny stories about some of his songs and behind the scenes shenanigans. To involve the audience they even printed the lyrics for their song “Alter Pirat” (Old Pirate) and handed them out to everyone and we sang it in about three or four times and tried to become quicker with every try. Definitely, a super fun way to engage everyone and increase the level of fun. Considering the rivalry between Cologne and Düsseldof it was nice to see it incorporated into the concert because we tried to beat the fastest sing-through Cologne had and if Poki didn’t lie to us we did it! 😀

Merchandise & Signing Session

After the concert, I took my time to browse through the merchandise pop-up store. A few weeks before the concert Deponia Doomsday Tour Goodbye Deponia Alter Pirat SongtextDaedalic had a sneak-peek of their tour shirts on Facebook and I already knew beforehand that I really wanted one of these. I don’t know why but whenever I go to a concert, festival or event I love buying jumpers or shirts with tour prints on them. Generally, I’d prefer festival bracelets but clothes work as well. At the concert, they had small prints, canvas prints, buttons, stickers, the tour shirt and a vinyl which was printed exclusively for the Deponia Doomsday Tour.

Poki, Gunnar and Anne stayed afterwards to sign the exclusive vinyl and other merchandise. First, the signing started outside in the rain and continued until we chased Poki all the way towards the back of the location. Despite its huge size, I brought my Din A0 World of Deponia poster to the concert and even though I was worried it might get damaged everything worked out fine and I managed to get it signed. It took a while to get all the signatures but I was rewarded with a signed copy of Goodbye Deponia and my poster and also got to take a few pictures with them.

Was it worth going? Should you go if you get the chance?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!! I realise that I was nagging about the location but that really has nothing to do with the concert and evening Daedalic planned! The venues’ architecture didn’t really work for the concert but I had a good time and would not hesitate to go to any upcoming concerts in the future. I can’t judge the other locations but from what I’ve seen, they seemed a bit more fitting compared to the Route 66 in Düsseldorf. For the price of 15€, I had a nice evening with good music and other Daedalic fans. As a special surprise, Daedalic handed out free limited special editions of Goodbye Deponia. I already own the game on steam but it was a nice gesture and I think I already know who’ll receive my copy ♥  If you want to see pictures from the other concerts visit Daedalic’s Facebook page.Deponia Doomsday Tour Signature


The pictures of the venue and merchandise shop are from Daedalic’s official Facebook page.

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    25th May 2016

    Ich hab ja bisher kein Spiel davon gespielt (obwohl ich hier noch eins rumliegen hab *hust* x’D), aber ich mag den Zeichenstil und alles total gern 😀

    Und freut mich, dass es dir so gut gefallen hat! <3

    // Und zu deinem Kommi bei mir wegen Into the Badlands:
    OuaT hat mich bisher nicht so angesprochen, darum ist das ganze an mir total vorbeigegangen ^^
    Aber Into the Badlands ist echt gut, ich freu mich schon auf die 2. Staffel! 😀


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