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Dokomi 2016

15th June 2016

Artist Alley

The first thing we did on Saturday was going to the Artist Alley and browse through all the amazing artwork displayed. This year there were over a hundred artists present! Dokomi 2016 artist Maca CollectionI knew a few of them already and loved talking to them about their work. Even the ones I just met were lovely to chat with and I collected many business cards from artists I liked. This area definitely impressed me the most because of its variety. Everyone’s skill and passion simply blew my mind. We spent half the day talking to everyone and looking at artworks and portfolios. In the end, I bought more than planned but supporting my favourite artists was definitely worth it!

If you feel lucky and like a gamble, the artist alley will be your favourite place of the convention! Most artists have a lottery featuring various prizes. Some are postcards, posters or even original artwork. One ticket costs 1€ and for those who are as unlucky as me, it might be relieving to know there are no blanks. Usually, I’m not someone to gamble but this time, I made an exception. I didn’t win anything special but I love the stickers and postcards I got nonetheless.

Dokomi 2016 Artist Gallery
Some artists open for commissions or offer conhon entries. While writing this post I realised conhons appear to be a German concept, so let me explain some more. A conhon is a booklet, usually DIN A5 but it could also be larger, with blank pages. Their outside can either be self-decorated with drawings or a store-bought notebook. Nowadays some artists also sell decorated conhons. These books work like guestbooks – people you meet fill a page with anything they want. It could be text, artwork or anything else. The possibilities are endless. They’re a perfect memento for every convention you’ve ever visited!

Fashion Area

Dokomi 2016 Lu's Design Amigurumi 2The fashion area was remarkably smaller but offered clothing, accessories and home decor. We didn’t spend much time on anything except for the Tinkercast booth. I’ve seen their work and cosplay pictures before but seeing the products up close was breathtaking. I might have squealed a bit when I saw their booth for the first time. As you know I’m a massive fan of everything purple and flower crown related. One of their headpieces was the perfect combination of both which meant that I had to buy it. Luckily Tinkercast and many vendors offered direct payment via PayPal. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to buy anything. I hope this will be more common in the future. It makes paying a lot easier and you never have to fear to have too little or too much money on you.

Other than the headpiece I didn’t buy anything else. Other designers had mega cute items as well but I currently don’t have any room in my flat or wardrobe. Therefore, I’m on a spending ban until I weed out some of my older belongings. The headpiece was an exception because I knew it was perfect for me. It’ll also work for one of my upcoming cosplays. To give you an idea of the other things being sold I added more pictures to the gallery and some video bits to my vlog.

To give you an idea of the other things being sold I added more pictures to the gallery and some video bits to my vlog.


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    17th June 2016

    Gefällt mir sehr gut der Post! 🙂

    Gibt schöne Eindrücke wieder und sieht sehr spaßig, aber auch voll aus auf den Bildern.
    (ich würd dir übrigens empfehlen ein Logo auf die Bilder zu packen ^^)

    Und freut mich auch zu lesen, dass es dir besser geht! <3


    // und noch zu deinem Kommi beim NordCon Post:
    Ja, hab gehört und gelesen, dass es recht ähnlich sein soll ^^
    Wir waren zum 1. Mal dort, aber hat Spaß gemacht :3

    Ich hab Boss Monster schon seit längerem im Auge, sicher schon über 1 Jahr xD
    Liegt bei Atlantis im Laden schon länger rum, auch noch mit einer Erweiterung oder nem 2. Teil (weiß ich grad nicht genau), aber kam nie dazu es auszuprobieren und jetzt will ichs unbedingt haben! :'D

    Also ne Übernachtungsmöglichkeit könnte ich dir ggf. anbieten, dann wäre nur die Fahrt noch zu organisieren 😉


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