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Dokomi 2016

15th June 2016


I love everything cosplay related. Seeing people represent their favourite characters is one of my favourite Dokomi 2016 Jack Sparrow Cosplaythings about conventions. There were many amazing cosplayers at Dokomi but I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to see. I probably missed hundreds of amazing costumes but the ones I’ve seen were also impressive. My phone battery died on me early on both days which means I sadly missed out on pictures of some remarkable cosplays but I want to share the few pictures I took with you anyway! Unfortunately, I didn’t get everyone’s cosplay page name. So if there’s anyone you recognise please let me know because I’d love to follow and link them!

Dokomi hosted both the DCM (German Cosplay Championships) and EuroCosplay. One on Saturday and the other on Sunday but we only managed to catch EuroCosplay. I loved the variety, humour and talent everyone showcased. What slightly irritated me was the low number of contestants. I counted nine but many entrant numbers were  missing in between. It looked as if many contestants just didn’t show up. I might be wrong though. If you know why this happened let me know in the comments! It would have definitely been more interesting to see more than nine performances.

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=320]

My favourite performance was by Gouky Cosplay. She created a perfect cosplay of the 11th doctor. The Rings of Akhaten with the Lost Song and emotional speech always has me in tears. Gouky’s performance was no exception! I might be biassed because of my love for Doctor Who but the performance did the show and Matt Smith justice!!! While filming I even shed a few tears because of it. She won first place and thus, qualified for the finals at MCM in London.

Runner up for me (and the judges) was FallenWings with her Linkle performance from HyruleWarriors. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a Legend of Zelda fan I do appreciate the franchise. I like the artworks, character designs and played a few of their older games. Her outfit is the only one I saw up close. A friend of mine asked for a picture with her and I honestly admire her neat sewing skills. The performance was the perfect mix between funny and tribute to the games. I don’t want to say too much and spoil the surprise though. You can watch her full performance in my Dokomi Vlog.

The other Cosplays didn’t ring any bells for me.  I also don’t want to comment too much on the quality of outfits or performances I don’t know the origin of.  Some other performances are a part of my video as well though, so if you’re interested to see more make sure to take some time and watch it!


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    17th June 2016

    Gefällt mir sehr gut der Post! 🙂

    Gibt schöne Eindrücke wieder und sieht sehr spaßig, aber auch voll aus auf den Bildern.
    (ich würd dir übrigens empfehlen ein Logo auf die Bilder zu packen ^^)

    Und freut mich auch zu lesen, dass es dir besser geht! <3


    // und noch zu deinem Kommi beim NordCon Post:
    Ja, hab gehört und gelesen, dass es recht ähnlich sein soll ^^
    Wir waren zum 1. Mal dort, aber hat Spaß gemacht :3

    Ich hab Boss Monster schon seit längerem im Auge, sicher schon über 1 Jahr xD
    Liegt bei Atlantis im Laden schon länger rum, auch noch mit einer Erweiterung oder nem 2. Teil (weiß ich grad nicht genau), aber kam nie dazu es auszuprobieren und jetzt will ichs unbedingt haben! :'D

    Also ne Übernachtungsmöglichkeit könnte ich dir ggf. anbieten, dann wäre nur die Fahrt noch zu organisieren 😉


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