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Dokomi 2016

15th June 2016

Maid & Host club

Lucky Chocolate Maid Café Dokomi 2016

Picture by Lucky Chocolate. Click on the picture for their website.

There are a few noteworthy highlights Dokomi has to offer. The most remarkable ones being the Maid and Host café called Lucky Chocolate and Sweet Spice. Their main focus is not food or drinks though. Instead, Hosts and Maids entertain their guests in different ways depending on their talents. It could be dancing, singing, taking pictures or playing games with their guests. This type of café is popular among Anime Fans and they’ve become more and more popular all over the world.

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to join up with some of my friends who had already made an appointment for Sweet Spice. [Thank you for bringing me along ❤] Openings are limited and they are generally fully booked after a few hours. It’s necessary to buy ‘meal vouchers’ for the amount of food you want to order because it’s not possible to pay inside. I chose melon pan, a cocktail named ‘Alice Madness’ (I had to with that name) and Kakigōri which is a shaved ice dessert with syrup.

Dokomi 2016 Sweet Spice Host Club Melon pan CocktailsThe pastries were all delivered and made by Bakery My Heart which is my favourite Japanese bakery in Düsseldorf. Located just around the corner of Immermanstraße (street name) it’s rather well-hidden. It’s definitely worth a trip though for delicious Japanese baked goods. As always they were worth every cent but my clear favourite was the Kakigōri. I never tried it when I was in Japan, thus finally getting another chance was an amazing opportunity. It’s not beating my favourite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream but as a small treat on hot summer days this might work really well. I really want to try making it myself once it gets warmer again.

Our chosen host was incredibly entertaining and forthcoming. He also told us about his plans to offer a concert for his guests. We missed this years’ because it was on Saturday but they’ll try to offer more opportunities next year!

Dokomi 2016 Sweet Spice Host Club

Picture by Sweet Spice. Click on the picture for their website.


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    17th June 2016

    Gefällt mir sehr gut der Post! 🙂

    Gibt schöne Eindrücke wieder und sieht sehr spaßig, aber auch voll aus auf den Bildern.
    (ich würd dir übrigens empfehlen ein Logo auf die Bilder zu packen ^^)

    Und freut mich auch zu lesen, dass es dir besser geht! <3


    // und noch zu deinem Kommi beim NordCon Post:
    Ja, hab gehört und gelesen, dass es recht ähnlich sein soll ^^
    Wir waren zum 1. Mal dort, aber hat Spaß gemacht :3

    Ich hab Boss Monster schon seit längerem im Auge, sicher schon über 1 Jahr xD
    Liegt bei Atlantis im Laden schon länger rum, auch noch mit einer Erweiterung oder nem 2. Teil (weiß ich grad nicht genau), aber kam nie dazu es auszuprobieren und jetzt will ichs unbedingt haben! :'D

    Also ne Übernachtungsmöglichkeit könnte ich dir ggf. anbieten, dann wäre nur die Fahrt noch zu organisieren 😉


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