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24th February 2017


Usually, I don’t write this kind of post but if you’ve read my Lush Winter Haul post you’ll know how much I love Lush. Lush Oxford Street London store front mottoDuring my last trip to London, I went to two different Lush stores. Both are amazing but the main Lush Oxford Street store is something you shouldn’t skip if you’re in London. It opened in April 2015 and is the largest Lush store so far. In addition, it consists of three storeys and offers fresh products from their kitchen. Since I loved it so much, I decided I should write about the good, the bad and the ugly. [Just kidding! We all know how amazing Lush is!]

Every now and then Lush offers classes and events, such as a proper hair care and even yoga classes. On top of that, they take a stand against animal cruelty and other social and economic inequalities. There’s an activity corner where you can attend one of their documentary screenings or if you prefer something casual and relaxing the Perfumed Cocktail Evening or Book Club might be more to your liking. They’re open from 10am – 9pm from Monday to Saturday and from 11:30pm – 6pm on Sundays.

Main Floor – Soap, Makeup and Creams


The ground floor is filled with everyday necessities. Upon entering you’ll see a big basin for constant product demonstrations. If you’ve not seen the newest additions to the product line-up yet, this station will fill you in on everything new at Lush. There are various other demonstration areas, for example one of them is dedicated towards hair treatments – including colouration with henna dyes. Aside from those two areas, there are tons of different soap bars, makeup, shaving creams and some of their all-time best sellers. In case you don’t have much time and quickly want to stock up on your  favourites, this floor gives a decent overview of Lush goods. If you do have time, you can try their makeup products and take selfies in one of the stores special selfie mirrors.


Upper Floor – Bath bombs and activity area

One of my goals was to buy as many limited and Lush Oxford Street exclusives as possible. Lush Oxford Street London bath bombs close up intergalactic galaxyThanks to the help of two lovely staff members finding limited and location exclusive items was quick and easy. They also offered to demonstrate every single one I was interested in. Since I don’t like wasting Lush products (even if it’s for my benefit) I normally don’t ask for it but sometimes it makes decisions much easier when it came to purchasing items. With my always present galaxy obsession, I did ask to see the Intergalactic bath bomb disperse in water. It’s not the specific one I saw online last year but it’s close enough to satisfy my galaxy obsession.

Basement – Spa and perfumes

Following the reading corner towards the basement leads to the spa and perfume section. In Germany, we don’t have Lush spa treatments. Therefore I was very excited to learn more about them and explore their products. The lovely lady who’s responsible for that section gave me a tour of the different massage bars. After choosing my favourites she showed me how to massage hands and pointed out the differences between the massage bars I liked. My favourite was the Soft Coeur massage bar, closely followed by Tender is the Night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy either because I wasn’t sure about temperatures while travelling on the bus and I didn’t want to risk them melting in my suitcase. Thanks to the small spontaneous (free) demonstration my hands and arms smelled like a lovely vanilla and chocolate mix all day.

Afterwards, I explored a small special gallery which opened for a limited time in March to showcase the different Gorilla perfumes. Upon entering I was in a different world. There were different themed rooms with matching perfumes. I wasn’t sure what to expect but wasn’t disappointed. The gallery felt like a trip through Wonderland with its different themed rooms and calming smells. 

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Lush Oxford Street – I love you

I only had one bad experience with a rude member of staff in Germany ever since I started buying Lush. All the other stores were very good and I’d always recommend them. The Lush store on Oxford Street set the bar for future expectations even higher though! Everyone was extremely lovely and helpful. I spent almost half of my time in the store talking to the staff about my travels and various Lush products I like or wanted to know more about. Lush Oxford Street London bath bombs close up 3

Lush Oxford Street London gorilla perfume gallery freedomIf you’re unsure about any products or have specific needs for your skin care routine, you don’t have to be scared to get brushed off. Many other brands have failed to recognise my skin problems and advised products that didn’t work for me at all. I have rosacea and very sensitive skin which breaks out easily with the wrong products. Not with Lush products though! Since I started my new skin care routine my skin has visibly cleared up and I couldn’t be happier with the help I received.

I’ve been to the Lush Oxford Street store many more times since moving to London and my excitement and love for it is still the same as back when I started writing this blog post. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to attend any of their activities yet but I’d love to in the future! Have you been to any of their classes or maybe even the Lush summit earlier this month?




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